Bloody Roads California

Your Club! Your Brothers!

Found your own Motorcycle Club: Chopper, Biker and dirty streets, that is what awaits you in Bloody Roads California. Found your own Motorcycle Club (MC) and drive around, terrifying the neighborhood and get the district under your control. In Bloody Roads California you become a merciless outlaw, who not only loves his bike but loves having power as well. Play with strategic thinking and tactic to get the best out of the game and always be one step ahead of other players to reach your goals.
Bloody Roads California is a strategy and building game, that asks for strategic thinking, fortunes and tactic. These are the features you get in the game and that will keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat for hours.

  • Client Sealmedia
  • Date 18. August 2018
  • Tags Action, Simulation, Strategy
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