Garbage Garage

Polished chrome, giant wheels, sparkling aluminum rims reflecting the sunlight and vehicles that are sure to catch the eyes of all passers-by. The free browser game GarbageGarage lets you take on the role of an aspiring junkyard-owner. Though your workshop’s space is quite limited at the beginning, you’ve already got ambitious plans: you are planning to become the best-known junkyard owner on Garbage Garage.

The garbage game that, as car game, enables you to play completely for free, also features a large number of additional functions. While the genre of free car games generally consists of browser games that entirely revolve around the subject of “racing games”, Garbage Garages manages to convince due to its diversity and a number of different features so far unheard of in the world of car games. Such a varied mixture is sure to present an entirely new experience to most players.

  • Client Upjers
  • Date 18. July 2017
  • Tags Simulation, Strategy
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